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    A holistic approach to non-revenue water management.

    Water Loss Management Solutions

    A holistic approach to non-revenue water management.

    • Solutions

      Schneider Electric provides a complete approach to water loss management entailing both technology and expertise to support water utilities in the reduction of water loss and the management of human and material resources involved in leakage and network assets management.
    • Value Proposition

      • Water loss analysis and visualization
      • Workforce prioritization and management
      • Integration of systems and interconnection of resources
      • Reduced consumption of energy and consumables
      • Operator friendly interface integrated with SCADA
    • Differentiation

      • Leader in Smart Water technologies and founding member of SWAN
      • Proven benefits, technologies and architectures
      • Comprehensive set of tools covering all leak management activities
      • Integration of systems and sharing of data across organization
      • Team experienced in energy, automation and process