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    Industry-leading energy market data and news

    Energy Traders

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    Operating in an ever-increasingly volatile market.
    You need state-of-the-art analysis tools, exclusive market intelligence, and up-to-the minute insight into market-moving events to make your most profitable decisions. Additionally, you need to be able to quickly and efficiently execute your orders to immediately capitalize on your analysis.
    • Solutions

      This complete trading solution helps boost profitability with exclusive market intelligence, real-time data management capabilities, and robust trading tools.

    • Value Proposition

      • Complete views: access all relevant information for a particular commodity or market, quickly and accurately
      • Order execution: perform price discovery and order execution on the same platform for a faster turnaround
      • Advanced analytics: designed to meet the demands of increasingly complex markets, with more power, flexibility, and ease-of-use than other market data solutions
      • Microsoft® Excel® add-ins: allows you to create spreadsheets with live market data, directly from tool bars and widgets within the application
    • Differentiation

      • Powerful and flexible trading tool, highly adaptable to new markets
      • Wide-range of technical studies within Excel, helping you analyze market movements and support trading decisions
      • Proprietary news coverage, plus content from top-name, third-party sources, such as Dow Jones, Platts, OPIS, Argus, NGI, and EIA
      • Weather forecasts, histories, current conditions, and climate predictions generated by Schneider Electric’s staff of highly-skilled meteorologists
      • Easy to use, fully-hosted software as a service-based solution


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      Improve your analysis with comprehensive spot, futures, and historical data

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      Stay on top of market-moving events with award-winning proprietary and third-party news, commodities information, and weather

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        Make better-informed decisions with superior data and analytics