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      Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS)

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          ADMS Field Client

          Schneider Electric's Field Client is a web-based thin client providing utility field crews with access to work requests, switching plans, incidents and safety documents. Field Client allows users to view, search and navigate the network in both geographic and schematic views, as well as perform operations like planned switching and incident response. Read more
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          The Next Generation of Outage Management Systems - Nova Scotia Power

          Canadian utility to implement an advanced distribution management system. ADMS unites three systems - DMS, OMS, and SCADA, and provides multiple benefits. Read more
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          Utility Leverages Advanced Network Integration to Implement Smart Grid Strategy

          Unison’s new Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) merges SCADA, distribution, and outage management capabilities. Read more
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          Best practices for creating your smart grid network model

          Discover smart grid strategies to ensure a successful smart grid network model, using an Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) and maintaining a Geographic Information System (GIS) Learn more
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          The benefits of Demand Response for utilities

          The European utility industry is changing in substantial ways with respect to electricity system needs, customer requirements, and regulatory policy. Network operators and managers face the inevitable adoption of Demand Response (DR) technology and practice. This paper details the unique ways in which each department within a utility can benefit from DR. Download the white paper
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          How the convergence of IT and OT enables smart grid development

          The goal for any utility that invests in smart grid technology is to attain higher efficiency and reliable performance. A smart grid platform implies the convergence of Operations Technology (OT) – the grid physical infrastructure assets and applications–and Information Technology (IT) – the human interface that enables rapid and informed decision making. This paper describes best practices for migrating to a scalable, adaptable, smart grid network. Know more
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          Leveraging ADMS to maximize renewable benefits

          Solar is the most abundant renewable energy source available, but the ability to harness and distribute it alongside existing sources of energy is new territory for many utilities and ISOs. Accurate forecasting of this variable resource is critical for maintaining an efficient and reliable network. This paper will discuss how innovations such as advanced distribution management systems (ADMS) combined with weather forecasting can provide visibility and modeling tools to maximize the benefits of distributed generation. Read white paper
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          Enhancing utility outage management system (OMS) performance

          Traditional grid outage management systems suffer from two fundamental flaws: they lack an accurate, current representation of the grid network model and they typically do not integrate with the systems that monitor and control the actual grid. These shortcomings result in longer outages, higher costs, and in lower levels of customer service. This whitepaper outlines the evolution of utility outage management and describes how new Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) tools address these two gaps. Read More
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        Smart Grid Products

        Additional information on ADMS can be found on the Smart Grid Products page on our Exchange site. Smart Grid Products