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    Optimization Solutions

    • Unlock Your Super Hero Vision with Building Analytics

      Schneider Electric Building Analytics provides actionable intelligence and expert guidance with clear prioritized asset optimization recommendations that are based on statistical analysis, performance trending, and automated diagnostics with results that improve the energy, comfort and financial well being of buildings.

      Busy retail shopping malls are smart buildings


      The occupants in your building are constantly on the move. Your building is dynamic and interacting with the tenants and their needs in differing ways. All of that change means that the building’s systems are constantly adjusting and being tested in new ways, creating the opportunity to wear, mis-calibration and failure. Remote monitoring keeps a constant watch on these systems to identify issues so that your maintenance team can address them, often before your occupants even know.
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      Building Optimization Solutions

      Schneider Electric provides complete solution optimization through statistical and analytical data, which allow for the prevention of breakdowns and continuous maximized efficiency.

      Why work with Schneider Electric

      • Default Alternative Text Actionable intelligence with expert guidance Reliable comfort is the number one concern in most buildings. Remote monitoring ensures that the comfort of your facility is maintained by ensuring that the underlying systems providing that comfort are operating reliably and efficiently.Using advanced tools, Schneider Electric is able to cost-effectively provide remote monitoring solutions that notify you of impending problems.
      • Default Alternative Text Solutions to better manage building systems and energy costs Schneider Electric’s technology-driven solutions and monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) help maximize savings and performance.