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    The story behind The Edge, the world’s most sustainable building

    • Greater than the sum of its parts The Edge, Amsterdam

      This net zero energy building uses IoT connectivity to maximize comfort and energy efficiency.

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      Schneider Electric & Deloitte Netherlands present – The Edge: Greater than the sum of its parts

      The challenge

      Creating the world’s most sustainable building

      The Edge is undoubtedly the world’s most eco-friendly building with a BREEAM® NL certification of “Outstanding” and its highest-ever rating: 98.36%.
      To ensure maximum workplace comfort and efficiency, The Edge was developed from the ground up by PLP Architecture in collaboration with the real estate company OVG and the lead tenant, Deloitte Netherlands. As a result, it is a comprehensive array of engineering and energy-efficient ecosystems enhanced by powerful IoT connectivity. Solar panels, aquifer thermal energy storage and rainwater use in restrooms are just a few of its many sustainability and smart building features.

      Edge Atrium-980x490

      Employees at The Edge use a mobile app to control lighting and climate in their workspaces. This network optimization feature is convenient because  they don’t have assigned desks or offices. Depending on their agenda, employees can work from a regular desk or in a quiet conference room, or meet in groups on a terrace overlooking a sun-filled atrium. This concept helps foster creativity in the workspace.
      The IoT-enabled app also helps make the building smarter by collecting and analyzing data based on users’ habits and behavior. This integrated facility management innovation helps reduce energy costs and provides insight into how The Edge is operating.

      Edge Dashboard-980x490

      The solution

      The Edge features a broad range of our integrated facility management and energy solutions, an electrical distribution system, IT infrastructure, control devices and Power Monitoring Expert software. The single IP backbone is SmartStruxureTM solution building management system (BMS) which enables real-time access to critical building data. It enables management of operations and energy use – on-site or remotely – to maintain optimal comfort for occupants and reduce waste. 

      Edge Product-980x490

      SmartStruxure is an open and interoperable solution that allows facility managers at The Edge to monitor, measure and control – in a single view – all the data from building and IT systems to ensure accountability as well as employee comfort and satisfaction.
      At The Edge, the sum of all these parts is a globally recognized smart building that is outstanding operationally and environmentally as well as aesthetically.

      Edge Erik Ubels-980x490

      'It’s called The Edge because it’s on the edge of what’s possible in building design today.'
      Erik Ubels, CIO Deloitte Netherlands

      Key Facts:

      • The Edge is the most sustainable building on earth with a BREEAM-NL rating of 98.36%. 
      • A net zero energy building, The Edge produces 102% of its own energy. 
      • No employee has filed a comfort complaint since the building opened.
      • The state-of-the-art building makes Deloitte extremely attractive to young talent. 
      • 72% of employees enjoy having a sense of control over their environment with the smart phone app.

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