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    A CDP A-list company, seven years in a row

    We are the only industrial company recognized for 7 consecutive years by the CDP A List – and we continue to support customers in identifying business opportunities to address climate risks.

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    Science-based targets: A new area of focus

    Forward-thinking companies are leading the way to a low-carbon future by setting targets aligned with climate science. Download the guide to get started.

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    What is your ecological footprint?

    Do you use more resources than the planet is able to produce?

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    Energy and sustainability for worldwide growth

    At Schneider Electric, we care about the many places where we have a corporate presence. This means playing an active role serving markets that consume 70% of the world’s energy demand, but also bringing economic and sustainable development of some of the most remote, off-grid communities around the world.
    • Making the world a cleaner place

      How Schneider Electric is helping leading companies make the world a cleaner place

    • Access to Energy Customer Story

      Energy for Remote Schools in Kenya. Schneider Electric brings Access to Energy for 45,000 school pupils across Kenya.

    • We help clients become more sustainable. Find out how. More Sustainable Entertainment

      Discover how Schneider Electric provides innovation At Every Level to help AEG meet their sustainability goals.

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    • One label, many advantages The story of Green Premium

      Our Green Premium ecolabel brings complete environmental information to everyone, from homeowners, building managers, and architects, to our distributors and OEM partners.

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      What is good for the climate, is good for the economy

      We are addressing climate change together with -- and for our customers, helping them achieve business growth in a sustainable way, creating sustainable cities through the digital transition, advocating for predictable and clear carbon pricing, and enabling access to energy for everyone, as a basic human right.

      Access to energy is a fundamental human right

      Our fight against climate change won't be effective without taking into account the needs of 2.3 billion people in the world who have poor access to energy today.
      • Solar microgrids provide access to energy

        Schneider Electric develops innovative solar microgrids to provide access to energy in off-grid areas all over the world. Discover this safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable solution.

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      • Access to Energy: our ambition for tomorrow

        At Schneider Electric, we consider access to energy as a basic human right. And, as proof of our commitment, we are running programs around the globe to help get electricity to the people who need it.

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        Climate action for business growth

        We are committed to make our operations more efficient, but we also engage our customers in the four markets we serve to do the same. Companies that have a clear sustainability strategy and are taking actions to achieve goals are outperforming their peers. Schneider Electric helps companies develop strategies and solutions that enable businesses to grow sustainably.
        • The Rise of Renewables and Cleantech

          Renewables and cleantech are on a wave - hear from our experts how companies can catch it.

        • We help clients become more sustainable. Find out how. The Energy Concierge

          Schneider Electric provides Hilton with innovative solutions that track and reduce resource consumption across their many facilities

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        • Achieving long-term goals

          Whirlpool Corporation is using data and expert support to drive and achieve its sustainability strategy.

          “The ability to boil everything down to numbers enables us to communicate back to executive staff on how we are making progress — what gets measured, gets done.” 

          — Ron Voglewede

          Global Sustainability Director, Whirlpool Corporation

        • Enel case study Empowering a bright, connected future

          With more and more variable renewable energy sources, Enel has updated their grid management system to meet tomorrow’s needs, while improving quality of service and reliability.

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          Renewable Energy Consulting

          There’s an enormous opportunity for companies to save both money and reduce environmental impact — with the right mix of renewable sources. View the Strategies Every Company Should Know
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          Drive Sustainability in 8 Steps

          Sustainability programs and reporting can boost consumer confidence, shareholder esteem — and a company’s bottom line. In this eBook, see how companies can develop effective sustainability strategies to achieve these goals. Download "Drive Sustainablility in 8 Steps"
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          The Evolution of Sustainability Reporting

          In this eBook, we move beyond carbon emissions, and check out three KPIs that companies are tracking and incorporating into their sustainability reports. Download "The Evolution of Sustainability Reporting"
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          Science-Based Targets: A new Approach to Climate Leadership

          Science-Based target setting to become standard business practice by 2020, and there is certainly a compelling business case. Visit out blog to learn more. Read more

          More livable and sustainable cities

          To us, a smart city is an urban center where infrastructure and energy efficiency go hand in hand. EcoStruxure enables Schneider Electric, our partners, and end-users to develop scalable and converged Information Technology and Operational Technology (IT/OT) solutions. We leverage connectivity and data to create controls and actionable insights across our key markets.
          • EcoStruxure™ Resource Advisor

            Secure enterprise-wide access to clean energy and sustainability data, tailored to your unique needs. Track and benchmark sites, inefficiencies, energy spend, energy markets, projects, and sustainability reporting with a single, cloud-based platform.

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          • Smart Building Systems

            Smart building systems enhance people’s safety and comfort, by using energy more efficiently, and improving reliability, business performance and operational efficiency.

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            Looking up, Chicago, Illinois
          • Smart Grids and Sustainability

            Grid operators that embrace smart grid technologies help power our world responsibly. More renewables, energy efficiency, and networks with a lower footprint pave the road for a more sustainable future.

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          • Green Data Centers

            Our real-time data center infrastructure management solutions and lifecycle services help data centers be more efficient and reduce their impact to the environment.

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            Discover EcoStruxure™

            A single, open IoT system that lets you compete in today’s digital world, EcoStruxure™ is a game-changer. Discover enhanced value around safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity for your business today. Download now

            Robust and predictable carbon pricing

            We advocate for robust and predictable carbon pricing mechanisms that would allow to accelerate the journey towards a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy, We have been adopting an implicit internal price to carbon for a number of years already, through our various programs aiming at reducing our CO2 footprint. Our governance and external commitments on CO2 together have enabled us to provide the required incentives to reduce CO2 emissions.
            • Accelerating the energy transition 4 dimensions for progress

              "While the 2015 Paris agreement was the theoretical call for action to limit worldwide temperature to well below 2 degrees, there is a need for implementing this call with concrete action." 

              - Jean-Pascal Tricoire

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              Looking up, Chicago, Illinois

            Read more about our sustainability strategy and performance

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