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ARGUS - Twilight switches

Light-sensitive switches

ARGUS light-sensitive switches ensure reliable outdoor lighting and reduce costs.

ARGUS - Twilight switches
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ARGUS - Twilight switches

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        If you want to control your outdoor lighting efficiently and exactly as you need it, you need the Merten ARGUS light-sensitive switch timer. It combines the functions of a light-sensitive switch and a timer: depending on the season, the outdoor lighting is activated at nightfall and switched off again in the night at a pre-set time. In the morning, the opposite happens: the light is activated at a particular time every day, for example 5 a.m., and switches off automatically at sunrise.

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          MTN544819 Product picture Schneider Electric


          ARGUS light-sensitive switch, with switching delay, polar white
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          MTN544829 Product picture Schneider Electric


          ARGUS light-sensitive switch, without switching delay, light grey
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          MTN544894 Product picture Schneider Electric


          ARGUS light-sensitive switch, with switching delay, light grey