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detuned reactors

For power factor correction in highly polluted networks

Three phase inductors designed to weaken harmonic amplification in highly polluted networks, and protect multiple installation components.

A wide range of LV detuned reactors for power factor correction, reducing the amplification of harmonics, and protecting the equipments
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          LVR05500A40T Product picture Schneider Electric


          Anti Harmonic detuned reactor 50kvar 210Hz (4.2) 5.7% 50Hz 400V
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          LVR07500A40T Product picture Schneider Electric


          Anti Harmonic detuned reactor 50kvar 190Hz (3.8) 7% 50Hz 400V
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          LVR07X00A40T Product picture Schneider Electric


          Anti Harmonic detuned reactor 100kvar 190Hz (3.8) 7% 50Hz 400V