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      Light Switches, Dimmer and Socket.

    • ulti main image ULTI ULTI is for those who seek the haute couture in space design. With its ultra-clean lines, sleekly chic square profile and instantly identifiable round dollies, ULTI blends two contrasting geometries to create a modern simplicity of unprecedented freshness. The design also offers the maximum scope to showcase the synergy of colour, material and finish in a standard-sized wall plate.
      • ulti main image
      • ulti cristal glass 2 gang
      • ulti cristal glass 4 gang
      • ulti cristal glass international socket
    • E3031H1_EBGS NEO
      The first mechanical switch to offer LED locaters, NEO products feature a white or blue LED that gives off a uniquely enticing soft glow that tells you exactly where each switch is located at night. 
      Revolutionary horizontal dollies round off an outstanding example of cutting edge ingenuity which will always appeal to those wishing to stay ahead of changing trends.
      • E3031H1_EBGS
      • neo main image
      • E3033H1_EBGS
      • neo grey silver with blue led 4 gang
      • neo schuko grey silver socket
      • neo grey silver international socket
      • E3015D_EBGS
      • ET3025D_EBGS
      • E3031VBP-GS
    • zencelo main image ZENcelo The Full-Flat form factor has redefined many facets in life. Aeroplane seats. TVs. Mobile phones. Electric stoves…. And now switches.

      Aesthetically pleasing flat switches are in fact available. But only exclusive to luxurious electronic switches and lighting automation systems. The ZENcelo Full-Flat switch has been created for the majority who use electro-mechanical switches. Even on switches you never imagined can be full-flat….

      With ZENcelo, luxury is no longer defined by price. But by wisdom – and style.
      • zencelo main image
      • E8432-1-SZ-S
      • zencelo silver brown with neon 3 gang
      • zencelo silver brown 4 gang
      • E8431D20-S
      • E8432D20-SZ-S
      • zencelo silver brown international
      • E8415-SZ-S
      • E84T25N-SZ-S
      • E8431BP1-S
    • pieno main image Pieno Uncluttered design with a distinctive jumbo dolly and an overall slim profile, Pieno has pushed the boundaries of the switch design paradigm, each dolly fills its space, reaching the edges like no other. The maximized space of the integrated faceplate had enlightened the clean and clutter-free design, and seamlessly fits in to any space. Bold straight lines accented by small curves bring sleekness the muscular design language. Pieno is yet another switch to aspire to among the wide spectrum of Schneider Electric’s design excellence.
      • pieno main image
      • pieno lavendar silver neon 2 gang
      • pieno lavendar silver neon 3 gang
      • pieno lavendar silver neon 4 gang
      • E8231D20N
      • E8232D20N
      • E8215N
      • E82T25N
    • vivace main image Vivace Inspired by the influential Bauhaus movement, Vivace expresses a pleasing form following function. With a slim and trim profile, the sleek clean lines and subtle curves manifest a simple, elegant minimalism. Every piece in this robustly constructed range sits perfectly within the context of any modern interior design. Vivace, a style of modern simplicity that is always within your reach.
      • vivace main image
      • vivace white h 2 gang
      • vivace white h 3 gang
      • vivace white h 4 gang
      • KB31D20NE
      • KB32D20NE
      • S-Aluminium-1gang-Socket
      • KB25
      • KB31BPB
    • s-classic main image S-Classic With pure uncluttered styling and subtle lines, designed to be in multigang modular mechanisms, S-Classic has been a firm favorite for long. Made in impact resistant polycarbonate, S-Classic guaranteed to stand the test of time with an exceptional product life. Tough, resilient and built to take hard knocks are all good reasons to make it a classic switch.
      • s-classic main image
      • s-classic white 2 gang
      • s-classic white 4 gang
      • s-classic white 5 gang
      • E25R
      • E31_1RBPRBA

    Light Switches, Dimmer and Socket