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What is a Non-Auto Circuit Breaker, does it refer to an Isolator?

Non Auto Circuit Breaker: This is not a standard term used to define a circuit breaker.However if we go by definition A circuit breaker that has no automatic thermal overload trip element but does have a magnetic trip element for short-circuit/fault protection. Short-circuit and overload protection must be provided by an upstream overcurrent device.
So our Switchdiscconector complies with this definition.
Current limiting circuit breakers are those  circuit-breaker with a break-time short enough to prevent the short-circuit current reaching its otherwise attainable peak value.
These cusrves are defined between short circuit peak and rms value.
From your query it is not clear which calculation you are asking as the curve are defined between peak and rms values already. Please refer attached curve for NSX MCCB.
Does this current limiting feature reflected in Ecodial?
It depends what type of breaker you have selected. Foe example our NW L1 and Compact NSX MCCB are current limiting breakers.So if you have selected these models you will have current liniting feature already.
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