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    Our Responsibility & Ethics Dynamics program

    The Responsibility & Ethics Dynamics (R&ED) program has been designed to support our employees’ efforts to uphold and comply with Our Principles of Responsibility.

    • Why do we have a program?



    We want to promote
    our values & commitments
    in terms of corporate social responsibility

    We want to prevent
    ethical misconducts
    in the company & with our partners

    We want to comply with
    local and international

    • Why is involved in the program?


    • What is the program playground?

    • What is the program governance?
    The program requires the implementation of an organization including the following: 


    *Define the main orientations of the company in terms of Social Responsibility and Ethics and check their implementation
    **Review and address non compliance cases using a defined and controlled process, leveraging a network of compliance officers and investigators

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