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    The history of Telvent

    Telvent, the global IT solutions and information services provider of Schneider Electric, improves the efficiency, safety and security of the world’s leading companies.”

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    2017 press releases

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    Telvent serves industries that are central both to everyday life and to the sustainability of the planet — including the energy, transportation, agriculture and environment sectors. We provide solutions through by delivering and integrating real-time business intelligence, enabling clients to make better decisions as they manage vast infrastructure and complex daily operations.

    Milestone Dates

    • 1940 Telvent is founded
    • 1980s Telvent methodically develops its expertise and reputation in core business areas such as energy, transportation, environmental services, and IT consulting and outsourcing
    • 1990s The company focuses on international expansion. Massive global deployment of the internet, mobile telephone systems, fiber optic networks, and more, all contributing to the pivotal evolution of Telvent.
    • 2008 Telvent acquires DTN Holding Company, Inc., a leading information services provider to the agriculture, energy, trading and weather industries.
    • 2011 Schneider Electric finalizes its strategic acquisition of Telvent to offer its customers more complete and efficient solutions using Telvent’s strong positioning in infrastructures and best-in-class software & IT capabilities.

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