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Moving towards Schneider Electric

Let’s make it simple with one single unified brand: Schneider Electric

Merlin Gerin and Telemecanique become Schneider Electric

Since April 2009, you started seeing the progressive replacement of Merlin Gerin and Telemecanique brands by one brand: Schneider Electric. Today, we are at the second step of our project. It is a particular visible sign, chosen by our company, to confirm at once its leadership, modernity, dynamism and will to innovate. This transformation is also the ideal answer of a global industrial actor, for the extent of its solutions on one hand, and for its worldwide implementation, on the other.

Step 1: New Packaging for Schneider Electric Products

Merlin Gerin and Telemecanique products are now packed with a
new packaging marked with Schneider Electric logo.
The only thing changing is the visual aspect of the packaging.
All specifications will remain unchanged: the product found inside the box, size, batches,
lot sizes, weight, references and product labels on the boxes.


Step 2: New Marking for Schneider Electric Products

Gradually, Merlin Gerin and Telemecanique product families are marked Schneider Electric. Changes will be progressive and done by product family.



What will not change

The Products
Same industrial origin, same technical characteristics, same products, which have won the trust of all the professionals for their quality and performance.

The Commercial References
They will remain the same as those available in our catalogues and commercial documents.

The Quality
Same robustness, reliability, and international standards compliance, these privileged aspects will NOT CHANGE.

From now on you might see

The logo found on the sticker on the outside of the product's packaging, is the same as the logo on the product found inside of the box.


    Sticker with Telemecanique logo
>> Product marked “Telemecanique”
  Sticker with Merlin Gerin logo
>> Product marked “Merlin Gerin”
    Sticker with Schneider Electric logo
>> Product marked “Schneider Electric”
To know more

To know more 

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