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    Showcasing ZENcelo, the revolutionary Full-Flat switch

    An outstanding person adds value to the work and life of other people, always doing the right thing at the right place, with a just-right degree of visibility. After all the art of addition is not just about shouting out loud, it’s about an in-standing way of being.

    Presenting ZENcelo - the revolutionary Full-Flat switch for an in-standing interior design

    • Made of corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and impact-resistant polycarbonate
    • Data socket with patented integrated shutter
    • Electric arc encapsulated
    • Philips head screw to fit both flat and cross head screwdrivers
    • Switches tested 80,000 times, sockets 15,000 cycles, durability to last more than a decade
    • Conforming to IEC, BS, SS, MS, GB, CCC and/or IS
    • All RoHS compliant



    Impress”ive technology

    Switch designs are limited by many factors, primarily the switch mechanism. The patented “impress” (iso-motion press) mechanism ensures the switch dolly remains stationary when it is ON or OFF, at the same time occupying a much smaller footprint. Freedom in design has become a reality.

    Enabled by impress mechanism, ZENcelo makes the future flatter that you ever imagined.

    Bringing aesthetics to life

    The Full-Flat form switch has redefined many facets in life - Aeroplane Seats, TVs, Mobile phones, Electric Stoves…and now, Switches.

    Aesthetically pleasing flat switches are in fact available, but only exclusive to luxurious electronic switches and lighting automation systems.

    The ZENcelo Full-Flat switch has been created for the majority who use electro-mechanical switches - switches you never imagined could be could be Full-Flat.

    With ZENcelo, luxury is no longer defined by price, but by wisdom – and, style



    Function – User is everything

    Form does not sacrifice function. Knowing when the flat switch is turned on is no longer taken for granted.
    The patent-pending “Ondicator” changes to marigold when turned ON. And blends into the same color as the dolly when OFF.

    Meticulously designed to the finest detail – Not only for looks, but also for practicality.

    For more information about ZENcelo, click here